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In addition to roughage, a balancer and possibly concentrates, your horse may need additional support or have a specific need for a supplement. With supplements, you can give your horse extra support where he or she needs it !

Discover our plant-based products which are formulated with the health needs and challenges of the equine athlete in mind.

When to supplement?

Sufficient roughage is the basis of your horse's diet at all times. But, what do you give your horse in addition to its daily feed?

In general, a horse can get enough nutrients from good quality roughage, but in some cases your horse may have an increased need for certain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In particular, foals, growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares, old(er) horses and sport horses often need such additional support.

If so, supplements can also be a very important part of the horse's diet. With a supplement you can target and meet specific nutritional needs.