Choices that matter

At Actifyt we want to contribute to a better environment by making conscious choices in terms of ingredients, packaging and production.

It's what's inside that counts

Ingredient selection

Our ingredient philosophy is to work as natural and sustainable as possible. For us this means, instead of animal* or synthetic ingredients, we select the conscious plant-based and fermented alternatives. For example, as an alternative to animal protein (collagen), we use protein from vegetable sources such as spirulina, soy and brewer's yeast.

Additionally, the glucosamine and various amino acids used in our formulas are obtained through a fermentation process.

Ingredients sourced through fermentation not only have a higher bioavailability than synthetic variants, they are also more sustainable than animal variants. This because separating nutrients from animal products is a polluting process, which requires extensive use of solvents and leaves large amounts of toxic wastewater.

*Only our vit. D3 is not yet vegan (from woolfat).

Reduced packaging

Aiming to take a step forward in the sustainable packaging of equine supplements, we have chosen to pack our products in pouches rather than in large plastic containers. This way we reduce the use of packaging and the space that is needed during transport.

Our pouches are easy to use and resealable with the fitted zipper which will keep your product fresh.

Local production & responsible shipping

All our products are made in Belgium and our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. This way we make sure that you can purchase a product that has not made a long, unnecessary journey.

Besides, we contribute to responsible shipping as we deliver your order via CO2-neutral shipments.

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