Muscle Supplements

Muscle care and performance

Developing strong, healthy muscles is required to support the rider, to perform athletic tasks and to support joints, tendons and ligaments. Muscles are composed mainly of protein, and protein itself is made from building blocks or amino acids. Certain amino acids are key to muscle development, but also for recovery and repair after exercise.

Our supplements include essential nutrients to build strong muscles and to regenerate stressed muscles.

Why is muscle support important?

If you feel that your horse's muscle development and strength could further improve, than our supplements can give the necessary boost. Developing muscles can be supported in various ways. First of all, it is key to offer a healthy and balanced diet to your horse. In addition, by following a challenging training schedule, you can work well on building muscle in horses. But, intense training often goes hand in hand with muscle soreness and/or acidification.

The symptoms of muscle soreness and muscle acidification are pretty much the same. The cause, however, is not. Muscle soreness is caused by the small tears in muscle fiber. Muscle acidification is caused by the formation of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is formed the moment a muscle cell burns too much energy without oxygen instead of with it.

Inserting recovery and rest periods are also crucial to keep your horse's muscles fit. During these periods, the body can regenerate and restore the muscle tissue.

Actifyt supplements not only promote muscle growth but also support muscle regeneration.