Hi, welcome!

I'm Alix, the face behind Actifyt. At the basis of the Actifyt story is my love for animals and my passion to bring them closer to nature.

For me this meant creating supplements packed with effective and conscious ingredients that are more in tune with both animals and the environment. After a year full of research and development, involving many encounters with scientist and experts, the result was Actifyt.

Our mission

The brand name Actifyt refers to 'active/to activate' and 'fyt' to fytologie, the study of plants and beneficial natural substances.

With expertise and know-how, we have developed a new generation of innovative and effective nutritional supplements that perfectly matches our mission: activating the health, well-being and performance of your horse with the power of nature.

Innovation with respect for nature runs like a thread throughout the Actifyt story.

Quality & safety

The Actifyt formulas are developed together with a team of scientists and experts in phytotherapy.

Our supplements are produced in Belgium in an independent company specialized in nutraceutical productions and under strict European quality standards and controls (GMP, ISO 22000, FSA certificate). All our ingredients are carefully analyzed before going into production, ensuring their quality and safety.

Actifyt products do not include any doping substances and are safe to use during competitions. They are developed by taking into account the FEI regulations concerning prohibited substances.