Mobility Supplements

Joint and tendon care

Intense training, competition and everyday riding expose the horse’s joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to increased stress. Not only performance horses, but also leisure horses, older horses and pony's can, at some point, benefit from additional joint and tendon support. Cartilage and joint fluid are often the first areas of the joint showing signs of wear and tear. During training or competition, and as horses get older, cartilage can become damaged and joint fluid become thinner, resulting in discomfort and limited performance.

Actifyt supplements include key nutrients that effectively support joint and tendon health, for all horses at any stage of life or level of activity.

Why is joint support important?

Healthy and flexible joints are essential for comfortable movement and performance. Both for competition horses as well as for leisure horses. For this reason it is key to keep you horse's joints in good shape.

Whatever the type of exercise, be it an outdoor ride or a competition, the locomotor system of your horse will be under increased pressure. Therefore, many joint problems arise from overload, wear and tear of the cartilage (osteoarthritis), aging and sometimes inflammation.

There are various factors that are important for maintaining healthy and flexible joints in horses. Ensuring adequate feed management, proper exercise routines and sufficient rest after exercise, to name a few. In addition, a joint supplement can provide extra support.

A closer look at tendons

A tendon is the connection of a muscle to the bone. Tendons are composed of long collagen fibers. These fibers together form a bundle, which in turn form larger bundles with other bundles. Because of this structure, a tendon is able to withstand large pressure. The blood supply in tendons is poor compared to other structures in the body. Because of this, nutrient delivery and waste disposal is more slowly, causing recovery to take a long(er) time.

Tendon injuries are a common problem in (sport)horses and ponies. There are many known risk factors that can contribute to the development of tendon injuries, including: acute or chronic overexertion, overstretching or an external injury.

Actifyt Tendon includes key ingredients that support connective tissue health, promote the horse's natural collagen synthesis and a healthy blood circulation.